How to download

Downloading games from our site is very simple. Please follow the instructions below.

Click the DOWNLOAD GAME button

1. By clicking on the button above every user will be transferred to our private server from which he will be able to download the games.

2. Click on the button DOWNLOAD:

 3. The next step that a user has to perform is to confirm his / her identity, ie it must go through a verification that proves that he or she is a human rather than any program or bot. The validation pass time is 2 minutes. Click VERIFY NOW to begin verification. The most important factor of our operation is that you no longer need to fill out any surveys as well as send an SMS. Now accessing our applications is very easy.

 4. To download our game, download and install one of the available applications on your phone or computer. We assure you that every application is secure and free. Each application is adapted to the country of the user who has downloaded games.

 5. Installation of each application takes no more than 1 or 2 minutes. We assure you that verification has never been so simple and secure.

 6. When the selected application by the user is properly installed on either the mobile device or the computer, downloading games will start automatically.

 7. Congratulations, your game will be downloaded to your computer.

Application install was introduced for verification purposes. We need to make sure that the person who wants to download our file is not just a human robot. Properly install applicartion helps us maintain our large servers and our people who are developing applications for you. So treat these as a DONATION from your side. If you don’t want, don’t Install the application but each time you install a application, you have a chance to win valuable prizes.

Still not working ? A few tips for you

  1. Use a new and different Email that you have never used before with a application.
  2. Do not use temporary email.
  3. Please clear the internal memory from the web browser.
  4. Please clear cookies before installation in the application.
  5. Turn off devices blocking the appearance of the application.

If the above counsel did not help very please contact our team via Email: